Pushing through or Venice Pt I

December 3, 2015

Visiting this space only because I promised myself I would share more of myself, even though its hard to find words to fill the page. It's not exactly a writer's slump but more about taking on the general mood in the world. Things are getting messy and people are running scared. All, I can do is tune it off and find peace in my little world. We're also adjusting to our new city. The honeymoon phase is over, which always happens when we settle into our new routines. Then our minds wander to our home we just left and those that we left behind.

We did spend a wonderful Thanksgiving away and rekindled some great friendships from a decade ago. It was just the dose of love that we needed. On our way home from SoCal, we took a detour or two.  We stopped in Venice where it all seemed strangely familiar, despite the fact that I've never set foot there. It must have been the countless movies I've seen it as a back drop. 

Honestly, doesn't if seem like a movie set? California, you're a superstar.

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  1. I love the positive energy of your posts, this makes me want to get out and explore. I also live in SoCal btw!




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