We did it and it feels so good!

October 15, 2015

My husband and I have gone through a significant weight loss. We used an unconventional method for us that involved a product line. It's not something that we have ever tried before. It included daily supplements and shakes as meal replacements. We had tried to modify our diet & lifestyle before but we never were disciplined enough to follow through. WE LOVE FOOD! But this plan was different. It laid everything out clearly and simply, so it made it easy to follow.
It also came with a very active group page. I would say that the support page was the biggest help. It was great to have friends I could text and people I can turn to at a weak moment. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about, we used Isagenix products. 

The products do emphasize adopting a healthy lifestyle; exercise and clean food. So, we had to keep healthy and whole organic foods on hand. Our goal during this plan was to cleanse and detoxify our digestive system to help boost our metabolism. You know all the usual new and trendy diet stuff. But don’t let that turn you off. Honestly, I didn’t eat organic all the time but I did cut the processed foods out completely. The new trend does hold some truth to it and if done responsibly, you see and feel results. 

Prior to starting, I was skeptical but noticed many of my friends having great success. They not only reached their goals but they gained all sorts of energy. Energy, now, that’s something I had little! From what I’ve read and learned, it only gets worse as we get older. So, we decided to give the products a chance. We needed the boost. I’m so thankful we did. We lost the weight we wanted. My husband lost 15 pounds and I’m down from a size 12/14 to 8/10, depending on the cut and style. More importantly, we are much happier about our increase in energy levels, even though we gave up coffee. Yes! We gave it up for thirty days. Honestly, I didn’t miss it but I did miss the ritual of having my morning cup and its aroma.

One thing I especially like about this plan; it allows you to use it to fit your lifestyle. We could have followed it to the “T” with even better results but we allowed ourselves to be human and still reach our goals. Maybe, you think our results aren’t that remarkable but this whole process is about what you can’t see. We feel great; are more alert and sleeping better. Those are the biggest wins for us.

Now, it’s up to us to maintain the momentum and keep eating clean. Wish us luck!


  1. yay! so proud of you! i haven't been consistent and feel horrid. keep it up!!! :)

    1. Thanks, Jean! We know this is just the start; maintaining this pace is the real challenge.

  2. A friend lost lots of weight on Isagenix. Good for you! I agree, there is more to loosing weight that you don't see but feel.


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