3 Beautiful and Inspiring Cookbooks

October 21, 2015

As a book lover, a trip to the local bookstore is such a treat. Who remembers having a book store date night when the big bad book stores first opened in the 90's? The Husband & I would love to roam through the bookshelves on Friday nights, BC -- before children. Then, we would share our finds over wine and a small dinner.

To keep up with our epic (epic for us) weight loss, I have been searching for recipe books full of simple dishes. Recipes with short and reasonable ingredient lists are my top favorites. I love to cook but hate to spend too much time in the kitchen. It's the family cooks biggest dilemma; spending large amounts effort in the kitchen with a few satisfied diners. I know many of you share my pain.

I literally, stopped dead in my tracks when I stumbled upon, Near & Far: Recipes Inspired by Home and Travel. A beatifully written recipe/travel book written by Heidi Swanson. It evokes all the senses as you turn the pages. It's visually stunning. She takes you on a photographic journey through her travels and brings the reader back the best souvenir...a beautiful dining experience.

The second on my list of inspiring cookbooks is Food52 Vegan: 60 Vegetable-Driven Recipes for Any Kitchen, by Gena Hemshaw. We're not vegan. It's a lovely lifestyle but not for us. However, the recipes on these pages would make even the pickiest of eaters at home want to try anything green. It's also full of beautifully curated recipes and images that evoke a sense of community and comfort.

My third favorite is quite unique. Audrey at Home: Memories of My Mother's Kitchen is a cookbook/memoir written my Audery Hephurn's son, Luca Dotti. I'm a SERIOUS Audrey fan. I have been all my life. There wasn't a single showing on TNT of Sabrina or My Fair Lady that I would miss. She was just so graceful. So, what does that have to do with cooking...Nothing. However, this book is truly entertaining and endearing.

Dotti is sincere and open about his memories of home with Audrey. You learn how much he really loved her and would give anything to taste his favorite dishes made by her. I enjoyed this most because it gave me a better glimpse of her. You'll learn so much about her true loves; family, community and service.

Here's a few more recipes you might enjoy. Try this, that or this one!
Happy cooking!

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  1. I am on a weight loss journey myself and have found Skinnytaste cookbook to live up to all the hype. You can explore some of her recipes on her site.


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