6 Fall Jackets & Coats

October 17, 2015

Lauren Fringe Trim Asymetrical Wrap                                       Rag & Bone Camel Fringe Wrap
Treasure&Bond Casual Hoodie Blazer                                        Nordstrom 
                Caslon One Button Blazer                                              Press Two-Pocket Military Jacket
So, I noticed that my "classic" pieces need a little updating. I had to let go of some of my favorite and slightly outdated jackets and coats. They have lived in my closet since before we moved to Hawaii. Honestly, they looked more trendy than classic.

Aloooha, Nordstrom!
I found some great fall looks that can spill over to the winter. Californians are telling me that the winters are pretty mild. Whew!

The top two coats are definitely a bit more sophisticated for normal day to day errands but so beautiful and basic, all the same.  I can see myself dressing up a look for a fun date night with The Husband. The last four...well! Those would be great for just about any occassion.  I, especially, love the blazer/hoodie combination. No need for a scarf with that one on a cold and windy day.

Thoughts? Which are your top two?

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