September 4, 2015

So, we've settled into our new space in California. It feels good and we've adapted very quickly and easily into our new town. It almost feels like a home we never knew we had. It really is an awesome feeling to be this comfortable and welcomed in a new town with almost none of the growing pains of our previous moves. Sure, we miss our friends and adoptive island family dearly but we're strong, have each other and genuinely like our new home. The small house feels cozy and fresh. I shed some things to make it work and it feels like home.

Now, that the dust has settled and the boxes are cleared, I'm thinking about that time we lived on an island paradise. When at the turn of corner I had a great backdrop for a quick family portrait; spectacular views from tall buildings; walks on the beach; the bright colors against white walls; quirky little spots for a quick rest; sunrises at historical places; watching crashing waves and local divers plunge into the deep blue sea; colorful urban art; climbed summits to gaze at the stars; and venture into the woods to discover hidden treasures.

Despite, my last post of where I pointed out some the realities of living in Oahu. It is a time we will always remember for its beauty and wonder.

Aloha 'oe Hawaii nee till we meet again!

[kailua beach]
[mighty mo]
[china walls]

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