Our Sweet Summer

October 1, 2015

Eight weeks! We have only been in our new town for eight weeks. How can that be? It feels like we were just in there; among the driftwood. We have been so busy getting settled that the summer raced by us. We're back into our routines. 

I, also, wonder is Northern California our final move? Is this the place where we should call home? It should be. We've never felt as settled as we are here. Our minds still wander to our families faraway but our souls feel at home. Geez, that sounds so cheesy! But it's true. This feels so good. 

I'd like to share a little pacific coast magic that I thought only existed in media fairyland. 

Yes, driftwood forts this big do exist; so do beaches that seem to go on forever. This one happens to be in Brookings, Oregon. But this fort, I mean really. Is this for real?! I thought it was just Hollywood make believe. 

Well, I'm a believer, now. We played. We roamed, lived and breathed it...and it's only a short drive away. Lucky us! 

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