January 2, 2015

A simple hello is all it takes to start up a conversation.


So, I'm starting to journal again thinking that I have to post two to three times a week to make it worth my while or take perfect images to convey my lifestyle and new perspective. Well, that's not true. I made that mistake with my last blog and ended up resenting the space because I repeatedly failed to meet my expectations. Lately, I'm finding myself wanting to quietly (and sometimes not so quietly) share those things that move me; to widdle away those that are connected to me for the wrong reasons; to shed some of the labels that have been placed on me; to take charge of my happiness and to focus on me. It sounds a bit self-centered but there has been many years of making real sacrifices that have left me wanting and wondering what will I take with me when I'm old and gray. What sort of memories will I cherish most? Where will my mind wander when alone with my thoughts? I choose happy ones. 

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