My New Favorite Iphone Gadget

March 10, 2016

This little connector just made my photo sharing easier!  It allows me to download pictures from my DSLR onto the iPhone 6s and share right away. I had been waiting for this feature since the iPhone 4. I realize that there are many new cameras with wifi capabilities but sometimes the phone and camera don't speak the same language. At least, that was my experience with my Samsung NX300 and the iphone 5. I could never manage for the two to get along. After a day shooting, I'd have to wait to upload to my computer or carry my ipad to upload and wait for a wifi connection, etc.  It was just one more step until the new shortcut.

Honestly, the discovery happened by accident. I gave it a try when I upgraded to the iPhone 6s Plus and nearly danced a jig when the thumbnails popped up on the screen. Most Apple sales reps aren't aware of the feature. Believe me, I asked! I can't blame them for keeping it under wraps even if they were aware of it. The camera on the iPhone 6 series is pretty spectacular. However, it's nice to have the option. 

Here's how it's done. Simply remove SD card from camera and insert into the adapter; connect adapter to the iPhone 6...

wait for the camera icon to appear on bottom of screen; select images; edit and share. It's that easy!

If you happen to share a lot to social media this is a great tool to add to you camera bag. It's actually small enough to keep in my wallet which is great for editing on the run. 

When Breath Becomes Air

February 3, 2016

My tattered copy, signed my Lucy Kalanithi

When Breath Becomes Air is a work of art and should be required reading for all students entering the medical field. There is just no singular way of describing the experience you will feel when you read this book. There are books that can't be put down. Then, there are those that change you. This one is both. I was transformed.

Dr. Paul Kalanithi, a neurosurgeon, set out to write his memoir. Instead, he gifted his readers the most remarkable story about love, medicine, family and mortality. He was a man deeply in love with his wife, Lucy, and baby daughter, Cady and family. But, he also loved the mind, literature, neurosurgery and the patient/doctor relationship. At times, through the story, it felt as if he was trapped between his loves and ambitions; trying to make meaning of what was important to him through his favorite works of literature and science. His life ended last March at the age of 36 from lung cancer leaving behind an enviable legacy.


His depictions of medicine certainly made me change the way I view my physicians. I often view my doctors as machines that have all the answers, completely overlooking the fact that they are just like me. People working desperately to figure things out. Do yourself a favor and read this book!

A couple nights ago, I had the added bonus of attending a book signing with Dr. Lucy Kalanithi, Paul's wife. Upon, listening to the moderated open conversation and the question and answer session, I felt completely inadequate offering any words of encouragement or well wishes to her when I was next in line at the book signing. She was so unbelievably strong while sharing their personal love story and anecdotes on marriage, parenthood and mortality. Yes, there was laughter that night. Remarkably, she has overcome her deep loss to shed some lightness on such a heavy topic. I've never met someone so completely open, generous, courageous and grateful. She expressed her gratitude many times for the outpouring of praise and acceptance of their story. It was so humbling. We are the ones that should be offering our thanks to them for sharing their experiences.

It was a night and a book that I will never forget. Aren't those the greatest?

Getting Back to Work

January 31, 2016


I know I'm late to the party but have you seen The Intern?  Haven't, yet? Well, try to catch it on itunes, Amazon or, however, else you rent your movies. It quickly was added to my all time favorite movie list. Nancy Meyers wrote and directed the film. She's also written and directed so many more of my favorites like The Holiday, It's Complicated, Something's Gotta Give, Father of the Bride and Baby Boom. Who knew? Well, I didn't.

What I loved most about The Intern is how relatable, current and fresh it depicted aging and hitting retirement. Not exactly two topics that makes for Hollywood blockbusters, yet, it did pretty well. It doesn't hurt that Meyers casted a fantastic ensemble with so much talent. Honestly, anything with De Niro is bound to be a hit!

Ok, enough about the movie and Ms. Meyers. I want to talk about getting back into the workforce. Specifically, a forty-something SAHM of three and military know, me! I have been home nurturing my kiddos and supporting my husband's career for over 15 years!! Yikes! That's a long time. It's almost like starting over again. My past work experience is over a decade old; writing a resume is not the same; my previous colleagues have retired or moved on; my hair's highlights are no longer a temporarily golden but rather permanent streaks of gray.

So, what does this girl focus on? The experts say focus on volunteer work and skills. According to them, I need to play up to my strengths and talk about my resilience and flexibilty as amilitary spouse. Easier said that done. The fact of the matter is that it's scary as hell to put yourself out there as a forty-something when millennials are right behind you with smooth faces and his or her natural hair color. It's so daunting. Often times I'm pushed to tears because I've lost my gumption. It's not easy ladies and gentlemen; not easy.

Writing resumes was the easiest part. Once I got over the initial resentment of having to resign from some fantastic jobs and forfeit a career, I was able to cut, paste and modify, as needed. However, my poor husband and family had to deal with one moody and pissed offf mama when I dwelled on my imaginary perfect job of the past.

Now, the part of the process that is most painful is that everthing is done online; applications, sending off resumes, etc. Change is hard for some old bitches dogs. I really miss meeting a potential interviewer. It is such a great opportunity to make a good first impression. Not now, no way! If your skills don't match up with a computer-generated profile and/or (my worst fear) you don't have an insider propping you up, then you many never get a call back. The process, nowadays takes a long-time, it's sterile and feels like it's really about who you know?

Despite the hurdles, real or imaginary I put in my way, I've muddled through and in the process gained back some of my self-confidence. I have remained positive and met some generous people along the way that have shed a greater insight and new perspective to the modern playing field. Also, I'm convinced that alondside the new "highlights," I have gained value through experience. Experience for the win!

Now, let's hope this part-time/blogging gig turns into the job of my dreams. 

OK, Universe!

January 28, 2016

It’s almost the end of the month but it’s not too late to tell the world how I want to the year take shape. This is the second time I’ve written it down in a public forum, so, I know I’m serious. 

In 2016, I want to:
live in the house of my dreams; work at a career that values my creativity, respects my experience and that is fulfilling; to age gracefully; to be surrounded by community & family always; to be able to find peace and balance in all situations. 

I better get working.

Small Discoveries or Venice Pt Two

December 7, 2015

Venice Canal walkways is probably the smallest and most walked community I have visited. The neighboorhood covers a little more than 2 square miles. But it didn't matter to me or the others that were just as curious to visit this corner of Los Angeles.  We were enchanted. 

Pushing through or Venice Pt I

December 3, 2015

Visiting this space only because I promised myself I would share more of myself, even though its hard to find words to fill the page. It's not exactly a writer's slump but more about taking on the general mood in the world. Things are getting messy and people are running scared. All, I can do is tune it off and find peace in my little world. We're also adjusting to our new city. The honeymoon phase is over, which always happens when we settle into our new routines. Then our minds wander to our home we just left and those that we left behind.

We did spend a wonderful Thanksgiving away and rekindled some great friendships from a decade ago. It was just the dose of love that we needed. On our way home from SoCal, we took a detour or two.  We stopped in Venice where it all seemed strangely familiar, despite the fact that I've never set foot there. It must have been the countless movies I've seen it as a back drop. 


December 2, 2015

Nothing special done, today. Ran errands, exercised, caught up with girlfriends, bumped into a neighbor at Target and had an impromptu lunch, picked up the kids, made dinner and tucked them in goodnight. You know, just a typical day; nothing special, really.
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